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Bonding and Adhesive Dentistry


Bonding and Adhesive DentistryComposite (tooth coloured) filling materials can be bonded to the teeth to alter the tooth's shape, size, colour or position.

Bonding can significantly improve the appearance of teeth and also their function in cases where the teeth are worn down and tooth tissue has been lost.

Bonding is a very conservative and lower cost treatment as it does not involve destruction of existing healthy tooth tissue unlike procedures such as veneers or crowns.

The bonding procedure uses adhesives to bond the composite directly to the tooth. This can then be shaped and polished to achieve the desired result. This process can be done in one simple visit which helps to keep the cost down.

Bonding can last for many years but if the restorations do stain or chip in time they can easily repaired/polished.

Bonding/adhesive dentistry can be used in the following situations:

  • short eroded/worn teeth
  • closure of spaces/gaps
  • chipped/fractured teeth
  • reshaping small/peg shaped teeth