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Replacing all missing teeth


Where all the teeth are missing implants can be used in two ways. The first is to retain a fixed bridge. The second is to secure a removable overdenture. The best solution will depend upon the amount of remaining bone, patient preference and cost. Overdentures can be used in situations where there is less bone. It is also a lower cost solution.

Fixed bridge

Fixed full arch implant bridge          


For a fixed bridge between four and six implants are required. The bridge is permanently secured in place.

A variation for a fixed bridge is the All on 4 system. This is generally lower cost than a standard fixed bridge and can be used in situations when there is less bone than normally is required for fixed bridges. It can avoid the need for extensive bone grafting.


Lower implant retained overdenture          

An implant retained overdenture is a removable denture which is secured by dental implants. The implants and denture have attachments that lock together. The dentures are removed for cleaning and at night. For the lower jaw two implants are required and for the upper jaw four implants are required.

Mini implants

Mini implants are smaller than regular implants and can be used in situations where bone is limited to stabilise dentures. The cost of this type of implant is less than standard implants.