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Implant systems


The fees for implant treatment reflect the surgery costs, laboratory costs and the implant systems we use. The implant manufacturers we use develop comprehensive systems which include the implants, surgical instruments, restorative components and computer assisted design for placement and restoration of implants. 

There are many implant systems on the market with a very large range of costs. The three sytems we use in the practice are manufactured by Biomet 3i, Straumann and Nobel Biocare.

Each manufacture implants and components which are used in the practice. Theire websites contain further information and can be found at Biomet 3i, Straumann and Nobel Biocare.

These are higher cost systems but we feel that this extra cost brings benefits to patients:-

- Global manufacturers at the cutting edge of research

- Strong presence in the United Kingdom with full support of their products

- Long term support supplying components for implants manufactured many years ago

- Extensive experience of manufacturer of implants for a large number of years

- Fully developed CAD CAM systems to assist with all aspects of treatment

CAD CAM systems

CAD CAM is Computer Assisted Design and Computer Assisted Manufacturer. In terms of dental implants in some cases we take a CT scan to assess the bone quantity and position. From this guides can be made to precisely position the implants. The systems are also used to manufacturer restorative components before or after the placement of implants. It is in these areas that these manufacturers excel.