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Smile design


Smile design ManchesterWhat makes a perfect smile? This can be very subjective but there are certain features that are widely accepted as making up an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Attractive smiles are symmetrical and the teeth are in proportion to each other. The edges of the upper teeth tend to follow the line of the lower lip. In general the more tooth you show the younger the smile!

It may not be possible to achieve all the components of the “perfect “ smile in everyone but we can advise you on what is possible and the improvements we can make.

Your journey to the end result


At your initial treatment planning consultation we will we will carry out a thorough examination and take any relevant records, x-rays, impressions. We will discuss with you what your treatment options are and answer any questions you may have.


Following this appointment the dentist will take all the information he/she has gathered and formulate a treatment plan that they think is suitable.

This treatment plan will be put in writing to you, along with an estimate of the cost, and you will be offered an appointment to come in and discuss this with the dentist.

The dentist may have asked the lab to do a wax mock-up of the final restorations on a model of your teeth. This will give you a greater insight into the appearance of the final restorations. The treatment plan is not set in stone and you are under no obligation at this stage to proceed with treatment. Our aim at this time is to finalise a mutually acceptable plan that you are happy to proceed with.


Complex treatment plans take time to do properly. You may spend a period of time wearing provisional restorations to ensure that we have everything correct and you are 100% satisfied before you proceed to the permanent ones. You may need to wear a bite guard for a period of time to correct your bite. Or you may need to see our hygienist for a course of treatment to improve the health of your gums.

All of this will be thoroughly covered with you before treatment starts. Our aim is to always keep you informed.

Once the final restorations are in place we advise that the dentist and hygienist see you every 6 months for routine examinations.

The role of the laboratory

The technicians role is vital to a successful case and the technician and the dentist will work closely together. They create the wax mock ups of the final restorations.They may also be involved in shade selection and it may be necessary for you to visit the lab for this.We are very pleased to be able to work with some very skilled and experienced technicians.